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14/10/2018, 04:47
2nd-round-of-cultural-dialogues-between-iran-and-the-indian-subcontinent  2nd round of cultural dialogues between Iran and the Indian Subcontinent The 2nd round of cultural dialogues between Iran and...
02/09/2018, 03:31
result-of-india-iran-joint-call-for-proposals-2018  Result of India-Iran Joint Call for Proposals-2018  A joint call for proposal under India-Iran Bilateral Scientific and Technological...
30/10/2017, 09:25
call-for-papers-cultural-dialogues-in-asia-cultural-diversity-and-asian-cooperation-january-13-15-2018-tehran  In the Name of GodCall for Papers   Cultural Dialogues in AsiaCultural Diversity and Asian CooperationJanuary 13-15, 2018,...
29/08/2017, 04:48
international-conference-on-integrative-approaches-of-rodent-studies-taxonomy-phylogeny-ecology-parasitology-and-epidemiology-of-rodent-borne-diseases  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTEGRATIVE APPROACHES OF RODENT STUDIES: TAXONOMY, PHYLOGENY, ECOLOGY, PARASITOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF RODENT-BORNE...

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